Best Mirrorless Cameras For Instagram & Vlogging 2020

So which type of camera to choose for Instagram? The best mirrorless cameras generally do everything a budding Instagrammer will need them to, however many of the best models will be too heavy or expensive for Instagram users. That’s why in this guide we’ve focused on the lighter, more affordable options as far as mirrorless cameras are concerned.

We wouldn’t necessarily recommend a point and Instagram Camera for better Pictures, as these will likely be a little too simplistic for most users’ needs. However, the best compact cameras tend to have larger 1-inch sensors and offer sophisticated video capabilities, making them a great choice for Instagram users.

And let’s not count out smartphones! The best camera phones currently on sale featuring fantastic cameras and that most important feature of all – the front-facing cameras for selfies and vlogging. We’ve included a few of these in the guide as well.

  • Leica D-Lux (Type 109)

Leica D-Lux 109 is another Instagram photo camera that I use. It is a kind of «point and shoots» camera with a fixed lens. Stylish and vintage design is its main advantage. I really like the result in bad lighting conditions, as the photos are still very detailed and clear. The bokeh is nice and creamy.

If you’re looking for a good but cheap camera for photography, look through these compact cameras reviews to help you choose a perfect camera model. As for the background, it can be easily separated from far-away or close-up objects and then blurred. It makes this model the best Leica camera for Instagram if you want to update your account with great macro photos or images of landscapes, etc. with a “taken by Leica” caption.

  • Canon EOS 80D

Do you wonder what camera I use for Instagram? It is the Canon 80D and it justifies its own price. The camera features 45-point autofocus, which “works” instead of you and helps take astonishing photos. One of my favorite functions is its viewfinder. It is not surprising at all, as you can see almost 100% of the image. Another benefit of this digital camera Instagram is adaptable aperture settings and ISO of up to 16000. So, you don’t need to worry about bad lighting conditions.

If you’re a beginning YouTube blogger, view more about these vlogging cameras that are inexpensive and perfect for bright video content. All buttons are customizable and placed perfectly. Besides, the sensor interface guarantees convenient camera operation. Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC let you transfer shots to a smartphone and make posting photos on Instagram faster.

  • GoPro HERO8

When you want extreme photographs of you doing just about anything, the GoPro HERO8 lineup of cameras is great. The beauty of these cameras is not only the simplicity of it but that they are cameras with excellent features.

If you’re interested in taking your Instagram feed to the next level with you doing anything from surfing, mountain biking, driving a classic car, or anything else, it’s all possible with GoPro HERO8 and the add-ons available.

The add-ons for the GoPro is really what makes it the best action camera for travel and Instagram. You can safely secure it to the outside of your car for great camera angles, stick it to your motorcycle helmet, or go shark tank diving with it. These are all things you can’t safely do with other cameras.